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May 13, 2012 8:00am PDT
-- >> pregnant, right. >> recently "newsweek" tina brown has been an expert at that, the aging of the princess di cover, the michelle bachmann cover. >> they had their shirts on. >> that's true. i mean, they -- >> she has a shirt on. >> the most attractive 26-year-old woman who breast-feeds her 3-year-old. >> what bothers me about this. this woman, you know how much she's in the story? there are two sentences in this whole cover devoted to her. the rest is about a guy named dr. bill series who studied and encourages attachment parenting. >> of course, it is. you know, as far as this is concerned, what makes me so sad and angry about this cover is that no one is paying attention to the 3-year-old. what kind of impact that is going to have on him. >> i think that's right. he had to use -- he was forced to look into the camera. >> and in 12 years what are kids going -- you want to talk about bullying? what are kids going to say? nobody is looking out for -- not even the mother -- the right of that child. >> she has the right to pose with her breast out if she wants. >> right. >> it's not about breas
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)